Why do I have negative points and remaining visits on my link ?


Having some negative points on websites is quite normal: it happens when you received a bit more visits that you should with the points you added on your website.
Though, you just need to add some points again and the websites will continue to rotate normally.

How long does it takes to get my website validated?


If the website you added is in the white list it will be validated automatically. If not, it usually takes between few hours and up to 24h. Validation is made by batch at least twice a day. So relax and start your autosurf while waiting for your website validation. No need to contact us to validate your site, we'll do it's a promise.


Cheat detected message

If the message "Cheat detected" appear on of your instances, that means the instance is apparently not viewing the site correctly. Your instance will be blocked for a period of time.

To avoid this issue :

  • Don't use any kind of bot.
  • If you use the browser: make sure that you don't block basic resources (html/css/images).
  • Make sure that your connection speed and your computer are fast enough to display the websites.

To avoid miss detection, here are the steps followed for blocking an instance:

  • 1 issue detected: no action taken
  • 2 issues detected: the instance will be blocked for 3hrs. The message "cheat detected" will appear.
  • 3 issues detected: the instance will be blocked for 24hrs.
  • 4 issues detected: the instance will be blocked for 48hrs. The webmaster will be warned about the issue.

An issue corresponds to 1 or more anomalies.

Please note that in case of recurrent warnings, the following action can be taken for the detected IPs:

  • Blocking the surf on the instance
  • Removal of the points earned
  • Suspension/deletion of your account

If you encounter this message and you think there is a mistake, you can contact the webmaster with the following info:


  • Do you use the browser or the application ?
  • The type of machine (VPS, private connection...) used to run the autosurf.
  • Do you use any proxy or VPN ?
  • Your OS.
How many instances can I have? is there any limit?


There is no limit on how much instances you can have on Otohits. Just make sure that each of your instances have a dedicated public IP address.


Can I withdraw with Otohits ?


It is not possible to win money directly from Otohits, so there is no option to withdraw any kind of money. You can, however, use Otohits to earn money by submitting links that can make you earn money by displaying ads for example.

Can I have more than one account ?


No, it's forbidden. Regular reviews are made on the accounts. If you own multiple accounts, they will be disabled without any warning, the points and links on them will be blocked.

Points are not added on my account balance.


Go on your settings page (

  • If the automatic attribution is activated, the points you will earn will be directly assigned to your links (activated and waiting for validation ones). Please note that the points earned with contest or achievements and referral points are not added automatically on your links.
  • If the automatic attribution is not activated and you don't see the points added on your account balance, it's time to contact the webmaster for a potential bug.
Visits are not delivered entirely or the figure in external analytics tools does not correspond to the ones on Otohits.


There are some reasons that could explain this situation:

  • cheating attempt
  • slow connections for some surfers
  • insufficient timer on your site
  • external tools that calculate the hits differently

Presenting accurate stats on Otohits side (Hits / remaining visits) can be troublesome since it will never be the same result on external tools like google Analytics. Here on Otohits, we prefer to present you raw figures, we prefer to stay transparent and honest about statistics on Otohits.

We suggest you to rely on external tools to measure if the Otohits results are aligned with your objectives and spending.

Does Otohits work to get Youtube views ?

First, I remind you that it's forbidden by Google to try getting views in an automated and non-natural way.

Secondly, Otohits is not the best solution to get Youtube views at the moment. Gaining YouTube views is quite complex. Visits can be delivered but not counted by Youtube.


I would suggest you use advanced options (override referer). Even with that, the result is not guaranteed.