Website Status

This article will help you to be aware of the status on your websites. 

There are 4 status for a website on Otohits:

  • Waiting for validation: this website has been added and need to be reviewed by the webmaster. You can not add points to the website and it is not visible in the autosurf until it has been validated. Some websites are on a white list, meaning that it will be validated immediately after the submission.
  • Validated: The website has been reviewed. You can add points to it and it will be visible in the autosurf.
  • Refused: The website does not match the rules described in the T.O.S, the website does not load or it has been considered as a possible threat for the autosurf. A refused website can only be deleted by the member in his "My sites" page.
  • Paused: the website is validated but it has been paused by the members. It will not be visible in the autosurf.


Why the status of my website changed after it has been validated?

There could be some reason that even if your site is validated, his status can be changed by the webmaster:

  • The website has been reported from other members, his status will changed to "Waiting for validation". It will be reviewed by the webmaster to re-validate the website.
  • If the content of the website does not match the T.O.S even after the validation, it will be marked as refused.
  • If your website block the autosurf (javascript alert popup or desynchronize the autosurf window and the otohits website), it will be marked as refused.


So don't be afraid if one of your site goes to "Waiting for validation" again, that mean the webmaster is checking it.


Main objective is to ensure that the autosurf is working properly and is not blocked for all the members. If a website is suspected of blocking the surf, the website will be marked "Waiting for validation" or "Refused" without any warning.


For Ptp's, if a specific website causes issues, all the promote page can be disabled. We usually contact the PTP owner if any problem appear on it.