This article will help you to choose the correct category for your sites to make his validation faster and to avoid your website to be refused.

Last changes: 2014/02/04

The Safe websites

This category regroup the websites that are pleasant to surf on. Any computer should be able to run the autosurf on these websites.

Here are the criteria to have your website validated in this category:

  • Your website need to have real content. Empty website will be considered as PTP.
  • Your website should not display too much advertisement. Common limit is 3 banners/popin for a page. The ads should also remain light and come from quality ad network. Ads should not be refreshed automatically.
  • Your website must not have any redirection. The url registered on Otohits should remain the same when surfing on it.


Here is some hints that can greatly improve your chance of having your website accepted:

  • A real domain name.
  • Your website loads completely before the end of the timer.


The main objective for this category is to maintain a smooth surf for those who doesn't to use PTP. Any site that is too heavy will be considered as a PTP.


The heavy and dangerous websites

The following 3 categories are considered as heavy and dangerous since it can be really hard to surf on it on low end computers or without browser plugins to block advertisement.


PTP Websites (Paid to Promote)

You will find below the reason of why your website could be considered as a PTP:

  • Your website does not have any real content.
  • Your website has multiple iframe which loads other websites.
  • Your website redirects to another page.


Here are some websites that will be considered as PTP automatically:

  • Url shortener / redirection links (goog.le,,, ...)
  • Paid redirection links (cashinlinks, coinurl, yooclick, ...)
  • Blogspot websites and other blog engines.


With sound websites

If your website come up with any sound of any kind, it will fall into this category. Notice that the sound can come from advertisement.


Adult websites

Self explanatory I guess.



  • PTP pages with other PTP in iframes.
  • Rotator websites.
  • Links that point to a random pages or any other system that present random websites.


My website is forced to be visible on the application only

Here are some case when your website can be forced to be visible on the application only:

  • has javascript alert
  • block the surf / desynch the autosurf page and Otohits


The webmaster can changes the status of a website at any moment. Main objective is to make the surf as good as possible for all members.

Don't hesitate to contact the webmaster if you think that your website has not been validated under the correct category.