Quick start on Otohits.net

In this article, I will show you how to get started quickly on Otohits.net.

(After connecting for the first time, you will be redirected to your information page. Doing so, you can have a quick overview of the options that Otohits.net provides. Clicking on update will redirect you to your Dashboard) 

The Dashboard



Your Dashboard display all the useful information of your account :

  • Your login name
  • The date on when you joined Otohits.net
  • A summary of your websites status
  • The points you have on your account and the number of websites you surfed since the beginning
  • The achievements you have unlocked
  • Some statistics about your performance over the last 7 days
  • Otohits news from Twitter

First step : register your website(s)

Adding your website is really straightforward. Go To "My sites" on your left menu. If it's the first time, you will see no website. To add a website, click on the "Add a site" button.


This will redirect you to a simple form. To add your site, just enter his url and select his category. Next, just click on the Add the site button and your website will be registered.


At this time, 2 things can happen:

  • the website is known by Otohits (youtube for example), it will be validated directly
  • the website is not known by Otohits, it will be validated by the webmaster.

Please choose with care the category of your site (the webmaster can modify the category of your site if it doesn't respect the criteria):

  • Safe: clean website without popup or with popup that is blocked by browsers. it should have no sounds, no redirections, and less than 3 advertisement banner.
  • With sounds: website that are noisy (with music, video with sounds ...)
  • PTP: website without any real content, with too much ads, with redirections (bit.ly, goog.le ...). Blog engines like blogspot will be considered as PTP 99% of the time.
  • Adult: does it need an explanation ? :)

Second step: it's time to surf!

To surf on Otohits you will need an application. Go on the Applications page and select the right one (by default and if you are on Windows, it is the definitive edition).

Now let's the autosurf running by himself. Remember that you need to let the App running to accumulate points.


Final step: add points to your website.

Now you surfed a little, your website has surely been validated. To add points to your website, click on "My sites" in your menu. Choose the site you want to add points on it, then enter the amount of points in the corresponding input (in the Add points column). Then click on the + button or on "Add points to all your sites".


And voila! your website will receive visits from other user of Otohits.


If you don't want to add points manually to your websites, just activate the AUTOMATIC ATTRIBUTION option in your "Settings" page.


That's conclude this tutorial to get started on Otohits.