Installing the application on linux (Ubuntu)

Here is a little tutorial on how to get and install the Linux application.
The version of Ubuntu used for this tutorial is 14.04.4. Version older than 14.04 will normally not work and all version upper should work without any issue.

All the commands will be made with the terminal to help users that use remote machine.

First open your terminal. We recommend updating your system before using the application.
To do so, put the following command and put your password to process:

sudo apt-get update


Next, change your current folder and download the application with the following commands:

cd Downloads


Once the application is downloaded, you can unzip it:


The OtohitsApp folder will be created with all the files needed to run the application.
Navigate to the App folder:

cd OtohitsApp

And then, launch the application:



Depending on your Linux installation, some packages could be missing. Please do not hesitate to read the Linux application page for some common issues (

If you're using a terminal without GUI (remember that the application still requires a Linux desktop environment), you will likely need to configure the otohits.ini file to be able to launch the application automatically. Please use the login/password and autostart arguments.